Nicky creates a safe space for beginners/ advanced beginners. She treats her dancers with support and is able to recognise individual needs. It is clear to see Nicky has trained with the best, however, all her classes are organic and are sure to ignite a fire in each student. I cannot recommend her enough. Eve St Claire - Dance Student

On a wet, cold day in London, I decided to take a beginners dance class (just basic dance movement) simply for something to do. I had no real desire to learn, only to use up some spare time.

However, as a ‘more mature’ student, I felt I was not keeping up with the rest of the class so after a couple of weeks, I decided to give up. I mentioned this to Nicky at the end of class. She told me quite emphatically that I should not do so and then went on to make me believe in my own ability. I can honestly say that her sheer enthusiasm inspired me to continue. I not only finished the course but I then took Nicky’s Jive course. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

 I learnt that through dance, we can reconnect with ourselves and to place life into perspective.

Several months later, I have learnt Waltz, Ballroom Tango, Cha -Cha and Rumba. I have even successfully passed Medal Exams in Waltz and Ballroom Tango.

And all this because of Nicky. She is truly inspirational, encouraging, enthusiastic and a very highly skilled dancer and teacher.

Keith Graham - Absolute beginners dance & beginners Jive course

Nicky is a wonderful, professional and friendly energy to work with. She provided me with ample information for the job I was a dancer on, was flexible as a movement director to keep the client happy with any limitations, and stood firm for my rights when we went overtime. Always a pleasure, and would recommend for screen choreography.  Tashi Bullman - Professional Dancer

I knew Nicky way back from my Barre days and she was a splendid teacher. She is always full of energy and looking to ensure that everyone in the class was working to their full potential whilst keeping the right posture and position. It was naturally so that she was the first person I thought of when I got engaged! I had been following her social media updates and knew that she was choreographing various first dances for couples. I reached out to her and she was friendly as ever! It was such a joy taking classes with her. My now husband is quite shy and not very confident about dance in general but Nicky is such a great instructor she made him feel totally at home with his confidence as well as body coordination right from our first session. We started off with 1 song in mind but we both had so much fun we turned our first dance routine into a 3-song medley. The dance was a huge success on our wedding night and everyone was so pleasantly surprised by our choreography designed by Nicky!

A massive thank you to her that we had such a fantastic routine for our first dance on our most memorable day!

Wanting Zeng - Barre & Wedding Dance Client

Nicky made our shoot. Great footage, amazing dancing! Tai Cambell - Director at Epic Videos

Nicky makes you feel welcome the moment you walk into her class and her love of dance is super infectious. She creates an environment where everyone feels safe to just have a go and embrace the joy of dancing.

Nicky takes the time to understand the needs of everyone in her class and will help you to work on the particular areas that you want to develop.

Her classes are a great mix of technique, performance and fun. You always leave Nicky’s class feeling like you’ve had a good work-out and also with a big smile on your face. I highly recommend Nicky’s dance classes! Cathie Vernocke - Dance Student

Had a great time doing beginners heels class. Nicky is an amazing dance teacher, so full of energy and makes you feel so comfortable. I would recommend this class to everyone and I can’t wait for the next one! Steph Kilby - Dance & Barre Student

I have been lucky to work with Nicky on a few projects in the last couple of years, one job which was in fact last week. She is professional at all times, super organised, has amazing communication and is always there to make sure everything is ok. Great choreographer, and she is so passionate, down to the last details  Cannot recommend her enough! Chelsea Marie - Professional Dancer & Actress

Worked with Nicky on a shoot as a hair model and I had the pleasure of doing her makeup- she was absolutely lovely ❤️❤️❤️ Chatty, sweet and a complete professional. Look forward to working with you again in future  Nibras Make up and Hair Artist

Nicky is a great dance teacher! She’s full of energy and positive vibes, I always had fun and felt comfortable in her classes. I can only strongly recommend Camille Boulade - Dance Student

I found Nicky through Instagram. I instantly knew I needed her energy and passion for dance in my life! I haven’t danced in years and was a little apprehensive about it but the style and teaching techniques Nicky uses in her classes is incredible. You feel totally relaxed, engaged and not at all nervous. She breaks everything down so it’s super manageable for all and her love for what she does shines through and makes you want to drop everything you are doing and become a dancer! Thank you so much Nicky! I am so grateful I found you and couldn’t recommend you highly enough to anyone looking to let it all go and release their inner dancer Georgia Mahony - Dance Student

Went through a lot of different dance classes and teachers in London as a beginner, I can safely say that Nicky is probably the best teacher for people just starting out in dance. You feel welcomed and safe to try something new in the space of the class and as your level progresses Nicky is right there to make sure there is something new if you would like to challenge yourself further. Stefan Dumitrascu - Dance & Barre Student

A person that definitely knows how to combine professionalism and passion with energy and joy for life. Not to mention that she’s also a beautiful model!!! Eleonora Rossini - Professional Make up Artist

I did 2 beginner courses of Nicky’s which were great fun, taught in a supportive environment & the dancers in the classes were lovely, we had a great group! Nicky is a fantastic dance teacher and would recommend her classes to everyone xx Kirsty Mitchell - Absolute beginners course

Nicky hosts fantastic classes for a variety of levels from beginners to the more advanced in a variety of styles. Nicky brings a fun filled energy and helps you to feel comfortable at whatever level you are. The classes have excellent routines if your doing it for fun or just to keep on your A game Nicky’s classes are perfect for all. Jason James - Dance Student and hirer for "Dusk till Dawn" Music Video and Performance

Nicky is great teacher and very professional dancer! I love her energy, the way she builds choreography, explains technique and emphasises expression in dance. The class is challenging and great fun. Asia Mitura - Dance Student

I have tried quite a few classes/schools in London and none of them have been as welcoming, inspiring or motivating as Nicki’s. She helps you find and nurture the dancer you want to be rather than a version of someone else’s ideal, she helps focus your own strengths which gives you confidence to grow. Lily May Corbett - Barre & Dance Student

I’ve been working with Nicky for over a year now, and I must say this is one of the experiences I am glad I have taken on. My body is unrecognizable from how better posture I have and how much weight I’ve lost. I especially loved the barre class, the fact that it was a small group helped as Nicky would find time for each one of us to perfect ourselves. I am grateful to Nicky for the energy and positive attitude she has put into this ! Will definitely keep going to the next sessions as Nicky is not only an amazing teacher but she also definitely knows her thing. Also.. I kinda love the music. Thanks Nicky, keep being an awesome teacher!!! Sarah Hamouda - PT client & Barre & Dance Student

Nicky ran a fabulous hen party session that was perfect- lots of fun and great for (total) novices with everyone happy to throw themselves in. Nicky is clearly a talented dancing but was able to adapt the level perfectly and everyone got the dance (pretty much!) I would thoroughly recommend and had a very happy hen! Katie Clinton - Hen Party Client

Nicky is very professional and very friendly, She will help you be more confident and accept your body. What’s also great about her classes, is that she will correct your movements every time so you can improve faster and nail the choreos She cares a lot about her student, and I really enjoyed ALL the classes I took with her, barre to street jazz. So go for it! Melody Edel - Dance Student

Love Nicola’s classes. I go to Jazz Fusion and Commercial Jazz on Wed nights. I like how Jazz Fusion covers a wide range of jazz styles. Nicola is super friendly and always caters to the people who come to the class. She is aware of people’s overall dance experience and progress and strives to help them improve but in a very kind and nurturing way. Her choreography is great and she explains the technique behind the moves. I always have fun at her classes and always also learn something new. Amy Flora - Dance Student

Thank you very much Nicky for being such a great teacher. We had the best dance , it was perfect. You are very creative and know haw to make people to enjoy dancing. 
We miss laughing with you!!! :*:*:* Kisses and hugs!! Timea Iszabela Brinzea - Wedding Dance Client

A well-balanced class full of energy focusing on technique, just as much as on performance and confidence. Nicky pays attention to each individual and their needs as a dancer to give everyone the opportunity to grow and improve. Jazz fusion covers a wide range of styles which keeps each class fresh, and there’s never a boring moment! A great work-out and an excellent way to keep up with my dancing. Maaike van Kuijk - Dance Student

Nicky taught cardio / barre dance 💃 classes to myself and friends ! We had an amazing time , Bollywood , Charlston , Beyoncé…..etc , she’s an amazing teacher !!! Made you feel like you’re a star ⭐️….. Nicky is a ⭐️ herself xxx Amitaa maharajh - Barre & Dance Client

Such a Passionate girl you are and so talented!! Wish u all the best! Sylvain Gagliardi - Hair designer & Colour Specialist

She is an inspirational dancer. I love her determination. Antonia Giacobelii - Heels workshop client

Nicky is simply an amazing tutor , thanks for helping my three children out when they had an audition , you inspired them and gave them such confidence , they absolutely loved your classes and are looking forward to coming back for more sessions xx David Price - Parent of Dance Students

I was so lucky to have Nicky as my model for Redkens live at five on Facebook. I did a massive colour change on her and I couldn’t of been happier with the result and the images, she was so unbelievable professional and I am absolutely over the moon with all the content from the day! Honestly Nicky your a beautiful person inside and out thank you so much! Meg xxxx Megan Niccolls - Creative Colourist for Redken

I am a rugby shaped man not renowned for my dancing ability.  However, Nicky Burke was able to use her amazing dancing prowess and teaching skills to help me pass for a competent dancer.  This is high praise indeed given my clumsy nature and lack of rhythm.  She’s a charismatic, passionate, good natured and most of all patient teacher.  

In addition, Nicky is one of those people that is always smiling and lights up any room she walks into. I recommend her as a superstar, personally and professionally. Brendan Barnes - Founder of London Business Forum

“Nicky taught me the basics of Jive on 1 to 1 classes. She is a great teacher, full of energy and I have learnt very quickly with her! I strongly recommend Nicky for anyone willing to learn (or improve) Jive.”

Sam Shaft