On a wet, cold day in London, I decided to take a beginners dance class (just basic dance movement) simply for something to do. I had no real desire to learn, only to use up some spare time.

However, as a ‘more mature’ student, I felt I was not keeping up with the rest of the class so after a couple of weeks, I decided to give up. I mentioned this to Nicky at the end of class. She told me quite emphatically that I should not do so and then went on to make me believe in my own ability. I can honestly say that her sheer enthusiasm inspired me to continue. I not only finished the course but I then took Nicky’s Jive course. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

 I learnt that through dance, we can reconnect with ourselves and to place life into perspective.

Several months later, I have learnt Waltz, Ballroom Tango, Cha -Cha and Rumba. I have even successfully passed Medal Exams in Waltz and Ballroom Tango.

And all this because of Nicky. She is truly inspirational, encouraging, enthusiastic and a very highly skilled dancer and teacher.

Keith Graham

​Since training with Nicky I feel more body confident than ever! Thank you Nicky!

Steph K

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, I love your humour and the way you teach. Thank you so much.

John H

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