Barre & Dance Courses to transform your connection between your mind body & spirit, starting this September…

It is our divine right to express & EMPOWER ourselves through movement.

This course will help you to
-master your confidence
– remove the FEAR factor
– open you mind so that we can dance from the heart
– & release your feminine POWER!

We will be a small community of women who support each other to go beyond our limits! Whether you are an absolute beginner or have more experience, this training will take your personal connection with your mind and body to the next level.

Join me at the BEAUTIFUL Flow Dance studios to loose you inhibitions and gain a whole LOT MORE!!!

Seriously, What do you have to loose?

5 week course beginning Tuesday September 11th  8- 9:30pm just £120.

I found Nicky through Instagram. I instantly knew I needed her energy and passion for dance in my life! I haven’t danced in years and was a little apprehensive about it but the style and teaching techniques Nicky uses in her classes is incredible. You feel totally relaxed, engaged and not at all nervous. She breaks everything down so it’s super manageable for all and her love for what she does shines through and makes you want to drop everything you are doing and become a dancer! Thank you so much Nicky! I am so grateful I found you and couldn’t recommend you highly enough to anyone looking to let it all go and release their inner dancer 🙂 Georgia Mahony - Women's workshops and dance client

A five week course for beginner and advanced beginner students to tune in with your love for dance, improve your technique, open your creativity and work towards a piece of choreography that we will film at the end of the 5 weeks to show your “transformation through dance.”

We create a community that is supportive of everyone’s journey, I have 8 years of experience teaching absolute beginners to professionals, I ask you to listen to your desire to dance & let everything else flow!

This 5 week course begins Thursday September 13th 7:30 – 9pm at Flow Dance Studios ( near Oval tube station) for just £120.

**There is an additional option to perform this piece in November/December which is additional to the course.

I have tried quite a few classes/schools in London and none of them have been as welcoming, inspiring or motivating as Nicky’s. She helps you find and nurture the dancer you want to be rather than a version of someone else’s ideal, she helps focus your own strengths which gives you confidence to grow. Lily May Corbett - Courses and Drop in class client.

A fitness class to deepen your mind and body connection whilst creating amazing results with a low impact workout (no jumping jacks!!!) Fire up your muscle fibres with isometric movements to create length, strength and a deeper connection to your own power!!!

Nicky has been teaching this for 6  years across London and is bringing the opportunity to feel the BARRE BURN in Swindon. 

*Matts are provided,( you can bring your own if you wish) please bring water with you to stay hydrated!

To discuss how this course can benefit your wellbeing email 

5 weeks beginning on Friday September 14th 7pm -8:15pm – INTRO OFFER!!!

at The Kirsty Farrow Dance Studios in Swindon.

 My body is unrecognisable from how much better my posture is & how much weight I’ve lost. I especially loved the barre class, the fact that it was a small group helped as Nicky would find time for each one of us to perfect ourselves. I am grateful to Nicky for the energy and positive attitude she has put into this! Sarah Hamouda - Personal training, Barre & Dance client.

I knew Nicky way back from my Barre days and she was a splendid teacher. She is always full of energy and looking to ensure that everyone in the class was working to their full potential whilst keeping the right posture and position.

It was naturally so that she was the first person I thought of when I got engaged! I had been following her social media updates and knew that she was choreographing various first dances for couples. I reached out to her and she was friendly as ever! It was such a joy taking classes with her. My now husband is quite shy and not very confident about dance in general but Nicky is such a great instructor she made him feel totally at home with his confidence as well as body coordination right from our first session. We started off with 1 song in mind but we both had so much fun we turned our first dance routine into a 3-song medley. The dance was a huge success on our wedding night and everyone was so pleasantly surprised by our choreography designed by Nicky!

A massive thank you to her that we had such a fantastic routine for our first dance on our most memorable day!

Wanting Zeng - Barre & First wedding Dance client.

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